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When we started SON, we had a highly ambitious vision for which our preparation was not sufficient. We started with a few pages of Black & White publications and continued up to a number of issues. The reaction from our Architects and Engineers was not encouraging. In the mean time, the printing technology also changed rapidly in our country. Without four color presentation we felt it would be hard to get attention of our readers, though some our friends still thought the Black and White was very much acceptable. With four colors we also changed the paper and volume of the Journal. Nowadays, everyone is busy with their jobs and it has become quite troublesome on our part to put it all together. The drawings, photographs, graphics all have to be of a  very high quality, but the cost of production has shot up.  On the other hand we were not favoured by our contributors as we were insisting on authenticity. As a matter of fact the most difficult part was the collection of documents and writings. Still we survived, but not in a way we dreamed to be.

The world is now under the command of the keypad of a computer, and internet is the most popular communication system. This planet never experienced before such unification in the exchange of ideas crossing geographical and political boundaries. Now many daily news papers are seen through the web, so much information are downloaded everyday even here in Bangladesh, that was beyond our imagination 15 years back when we started SON.

We also want to be in tune with the time; we also want to carry our thoughts to those sitting before monitors around the globe. An obvious solution came into mind. Why not present SON on the web? Immediately we saw a great opportunity of reducing many of our pinching problems.  But our Black & White enthusiast friends were not very happy again. A book is always a ‘Book’, the world hasn’t produced yet any real substitute of that. You touch it, you read it, even you smell it, its the real one! Well we can have a comprise, we can print one or two books per year with more attention and effort and at the same time the web site can keep our readers and contributors tuned.

So, the decision was made, from now on, the SON will be on the net,  www.son-bd.com is taken as our latest web address.

DREAM to Reality:

SON is the only recognised journal for Architecture, Art, Planning and Construction in Bangladesh which was published in Bengali. Our vision is to appreciate the imaginative ideas, creations and thoughts of our professionals and to uphold their position at the highest level in the society. We believe that without empowering them our nation can’t look forward. The web based platform, we believe will be the most attractive hub for all who are and feel related to Architecture, Art, Planning and Construction.

All Yours:

We all will be active participants in this platform. This can happen in many ways; as you can send your project to us for uploading, you can pass your comments on projects and other issues on board, you can work with us to maintain this site on, you can even campaign for making this platform a popular hub.


Our friend Architect B.K.S Inan a veteran Black & White SON promoter and Contributor is the creator of this web site. Without his vivid knowledge on this technology it could be impossible for us to start this new face. His well known convincing power and influence on the editor has made this transition smooth and efficient, and we are grateful to him.